Sept Holiday Camps

Lorna Whiston Camps provide a supportive playground of self-exploration for all children of ages 3-8, so they can discover and enhance their unique skills, abilities, and talents, through a diverse mix of fun learning experiences.


3 key factors about Lorna Whiston Camps:
  • Experienced teachers - We have a dedicated, compassionate, and highly experienced team.
  • Lorna Whiston Camps has one, the all-inclusive price at $625 for each camp which includes one morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, one camp T-shirt, and materials. 
  • Variety of Age groups? Look no further we are offering you a variety of age group camps this holiday period to keep every child having fun and learning a new skill virtually:

    •  Ages: 3-5

      If you are looking for activities to keep your super energetic child engaged and stimulated, this is the perfect option for you. There is a wide range of activities ranging from Drama, Art, and English classes!


      Ages: 6-8

      After a long term at school, why not use this holiday to spark your child's natural curiosity about the world around them.  In the English, Speech and Drama and Art classes, your child’s creativity will be nurtured and their confidence developed
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English Explorers Camp 

For the last 40 years, Lorna Whiston has been one of the leading schools that specialise in English enrichment in Singapore, improving English skills for kids.  

Our English Enrichment team has designed a programme to spark children's natural curiosities for learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity, and develop their confidence and communication skills. We have further customised their program to the needs of children in the age groups of 3 -5 and 6 – 8. And the dynamic team of highly experienced teachers from Lorna Whiston will lead our English Explorers camp for both age groups.   

The camp classes include not only English reading and writing activities, but also drama and art, to fully develop and nurture your child's reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

How the English Explorers camp will help your child:

  • Make them better readers, and increase their vocabulary
  • Develop their English creative writing abilities
  • Sharpen their speaking and presentation skills, thus increasing their confidence levels
  • Teach them how to be good listeners, paying attention to their classmates, and exchanging in conversations
  • Overall, make them better communicators, especially in the English language

Camp activities:

  • Each group’s and week’s activities are based on a specific theme of the week for that group.
  • The camp is divided into 3 hours of English, 1 hour of art and 1 hour of drama.
  • The class will create art and craftwork relating to the theme of the week.
  • The kids will have fun acting out the stories they learn during their English sessions.
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In the event that we are required to cease lessons in the centre, we will continue with LW Camps online. Parents will receive more information on this should this occur.