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Signature Enrichment Programme from 18 months 
  • English Enrichment for 18 months to 12 years old 
  • Speech and Drama for 3 years old to adults 
  • Fun with Phonics for 4 years to 7 years old

At Lorna Whiston Schools, the Enrichment Programmes are designed to develop confidence and communication skills. This enables them to be more outspoken, confident, and articulate. Students perform well within the classroom settings and will be equipped with the necessary soft skills for the 21st century; Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Here are the different Enrichment Programmes available:


Improve your child's English proficiency with English Enrichment

Specially designed for 18 months to 12 years old

We believe reading is not only essential for proficient schoolwork but is a life vital skill. Readers develop a wide variety of vocabulary and an understanding of the nuances of language that enable them to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Improve your child's English proficiency with the English Enrichment Programme. Starting from just 18 months, each student will be assessed on his/her reading level and will read many different books at that level until he/she is completely fluent and able to read with understanding. Our teachers will carefully monitor the progress and promote students to the next level once they are ready. This includes the understanding of the words, expressions and storyline which is key to achieving fluency, along with the mastery of decoding skills and correct pronunciation.


Lorna Whiston’s English Enrichment classes complement the MOE Syllabus in the following ways:


Continuous Writing

Students receive regular exposure to and instruction with a wide range of authentic texts. We focus on empowering our students with writing traits so that they grow as confident writers.


Comprehension and Language Use

Students interact with multi-model texts presented through various platforms. Students learn the necessary comprehension skills and develop a greater awareness of tackling a variety of comprehension questions.


Listening Comprehension

Students are exposed to a wide range of listening comprehension tasks that enable them to listen to, understand and interpret the information given from a variety of native English speakers’ accents.


Oral Communication

Lorna Whiston Schools focuses on students developing communication skills in authentic situations. Students learn how to present their personal response to a visual stimulus and to link their general knowledge into the conversation. Students develop confidence in presenting to the class and their peers and they learn strategies to be an effective communicator of Standard English.


The 3 main benefits of our English Enrichment classes are:

  • Nurturing eloquent communicators in oral and written language

  • Embracing a whole language approach that supports students with all aspects of their language learning

  • Raising students who think creatively and critically about oral and written tasks

Get a head start with reading and writing with Fun with Phonics

Specially designed for 4 to 7 years old

Fun with Phonics is designed to kickstart your child's love for reading, writing, and spelling skills. We believe children learn best by having fun and that is why Fun with Phonics is taught through a range of fun and multi-sensory activities designed to spark their cognitive skills. Some of the activities include puppets, puzzles, stories, songs and rhymes, art and craft activities. Phonic games are also conducted regularly so that phonics is taught in an effective and enjoyable way. 


Spark your confidence and communication skills with Speech and Drama

From 3 years old to adults!

Is your child struggling with his/her communication skills and needs to develop his/her confidence? Does your child need to learn to get more creative? Try the Lorna Whiston's Speech and Drama Programme! The programme is catered to the individual age levels and aims to build confident speakers with excellent communication skills necessary for 21st-century competencies. Building these 21st-century competencies is at the core of our curriculum as we focus on effective communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration skills. Drama is harnessed as a tool for learning and offers the opportunity for students to gain awareness and mastery over the use of their bodies, voice and performance space so that they become more confident communicators. 


Lorna Whiston’s Speech and Drama programme focuses on: 

  • Empowering students to become confident communicators who can interact with a wide range of audiences

  • Guiding students to think creatively and critically when communicating their ideas

  • Drama is used as a tool for learning and to teach students to create, innovate, communicate and collaborate with their peers and teachers.

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"Speech and Drama is so beneficial in today’s day and age where students are expected to think critically, creatively and be confident.  It is such a joy to teach and empower young students to learn effective, clear communication and develop interpersonal skills in a fun and supportive environment which benefit them for the rest of their life."

Mari Coetsee 

Head Teacher of Speech and Drama with 10+ years of teaching experience

Lori_For Landing Page

"My goal is to entrust students to become lifelong learners of the English language. Learning is an active process whereby students build new knowledge-based upon their own personal experiences. I believe in providing a stimulating environment for my students using a variety of teaching methods that will foster maximum learning and meet each student’s individual needs so that he or she can succeed."

Lori Bormann
Headteacher of English Enrichment

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All of our loving teachers are professional, certified and fluent English speaking educators. Every teacher in our organisation undergoes 60 hours of comprehensive professional development each year. This means they're constantly growing in their skills and knowledge to guide and motivate your child.


Lorna Whiston Schools embraces a Whole Child Approach by providing a safe, healthy, supported and engaging learning environment for our children. We aim to develop your child's confidence by nurturing his/her creativity, communication and critical thinking skills that will enable him/her to succeed in the digital age.


Our lessons are held in a stimulating, interactive, and nurturing environment where we combine technology with multi sensory activities to ensure children are motivated and inspired to learn.


Established in 1980, Lorna Whiston Schools has, over the past 40 years, built a reputation for high quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature programmes: English Enrichment, Speech & Drama and Preschools.