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For 9 - 14 years old


Does your kid love Minecraft, Scratch or Roblox? Instead of playing games let’s teach them at Code Academy to design, code and publish their own game virtually! Coding enhances kids critical and logical reasoning and, in the process, they become more effective problem-solvers!  We now have exciting and innovative online programming courses for your child with different levels to progress.  

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For 3 - 8 years old


Our Lorna Whiston teachers nurture and develop your child’s English skills through fun interactive activities online and offline in English Explorers with a focus on creative writing, phonics, story comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

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For 6 - 12 years old


Cooking food is fun! Budding foodies will be cooking up a storm from the minute they put their aprons on. Our team of professional chefs are passionate about getting kids excited about cooking and healthy food. Under their expert guidance your food explorers will be taking a virtual culinary tour of the world.

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For 3 - 5 years old


Different activities daily to keep kids learning virtually and having fun this May Holidays. Multi-Activity is a balance of educational and creative classes including Drama, Zumba, Art, Science and Yoga.

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For 6 - 8 years old


Lights, camera, action! Our promising thespians are taught to think, explore, sense and experience through the dynamic medium of creative drama. The children work collaboratively to learn their script and prepare an online show for parents!