Thank you for your interest in Focus on Composition programme.

Our teachers are from native english speaking countries
English is their primary language and every teacher in our organisation undergoes 60 hours of comprehensive professional development at year. This means they're constantly growing in their skills and knowledge to teach your child better.
Your child will develop confidence in communication
Lorna Whiston children have a reputation of being expressive and articulate. Our holistic approach helps them build confidence through eloquent communication. This doesn't just prepare them for exams, your children will cultivate the necessary soft skills to excel in life.
our facilities are first class

Our lessons are held in a stimulating interactive and nurturing environment. Lorna Whiston's Blackbox is a first-of-its-kind facility within an enrichment centre that emulates a professional theater setting.

Complete with lighting, the right acoustics and sound system, your child will develop creativity and public speaking skills in a true-to-life environment.

Established in 1980, Lorna Whiston has, over the past 39 years, built a reputation for high quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature programmes: English Enrichment, Speech & Drama and Preschools.
Focus on Composition
  • Write interesting compositions on a variety of different themes
  • Analyse pictures for picture-guided compositions
  • Develop storylines and imagine convincing ideas for stories
  • Plan their writing
  • Structure their writing into paragraphs
  • Organise and sequence their ideas
  • Use a variety of sentence structures and lengths
  • Write with a greater accuracy, using a variety of tenses and grammatical forms
  • Follow conventions such as using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Use a wider and more expressive vocabulary
  • Punctuate their writing with greater accuracy
  • Develop a greater interest in reading and writing
  • Be confident in sharing their ideas and compositions